Reflections |  SSA chorus & piano  |  4’

Reflections was commissioned by women’s chorus WomenSing as part of their Youth Inspiring Youth Composer Competition, of which Trumbore was a 2012 winner. This piece was premiered by WomenSing, conducted by artistic director Martín Benvenuto, on June 3 & 6, 2012.

Poet Lindsay Ryder’s text (written when Ryder was 11 years old) evokes the lyrical, flowing piano solo heard at the beginning and end of this piece, a musical representation of the rivers Ryder describes in the beginning and end of her poem. This entire piece is constructed around the idea of various “reflections,” most notably the piano chords heard throughout. In these particular musical reflections, or inversions, one chord is heard in the lower register of the piano, and then its “reflection” is played in the upper register.

The melody that the chorus sings near the end of this piece, “a little snow becomes a creek,” is derived from the opening piano solo’s melodic line. At the same time, though, the piano mimicks the rhythms and melody of the chorus’s opening phrase (“Sometimes, when the mountains reflect on rivers”). Here, it is as if the chorus and the piano have traded places, or as if we’re hearing a “reflection” of the instruments themselves.

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